How can we be sure that DJ Cristian is going to be  playing at our event?

 I do not double book when it comes to weddings, quinceaneras, or any other event that requires DJ or MC, just one and well done.

Can DJ Cristian  play both English and Spanish music?

You bet, that is what sets him apart from the rest. He can play and mix both.  That is the beauty of knowing how to play open format.

Can we have a playlist to be play at our event?

Every party is different, so we invite you to create a playlist for us to have a better idea of what are you looking for at your party.  Sometimes you may like a song that is not a single from an artist, we will look for it and we’ll play it at your party.

Can we meet with DJ Cristian  before our event?

Yes you can, I will be happy to meet and discuss how you envision your party.

How much time in advance do we need to make a reservation?

We encourage as soon as possible, since our calendar fills up very fast, but if your event is next week, give us a call and we  may  still be available to play at your event.

How far will you travel to an event?

Our fees include a 50 miles travel distance from Los Angeles, however, we can go as far as you need us for an additional fee.

Our party is overseas, can you go play and MC our event?

I love this kind of request! Yes, I will go overseas.

Do you play clean versions?

Yes, I only play clean versions. I want you to feel safe and comfortable at your party.

What kind of payments do you take?

I accept cash, checks or credit cards for deposits, only cash and credit cards the day of the event.

Do you smoke, drink, during our party?

I respect my clients, and I am very serious about my job, it is your party not mine. We won’t drink or smoke.

How many people can we expect from your crew?

Everything depends on what kind of services we are contracted for, minimum 2, maximum 5.

Do you take breaks?

Only when we are requested, invited, or allowed to eat during dinner time.

Do you accept tips?

Tips are always welcome.

How much time do you need to set up?

It all depends what kind of service you contracted us for, minimum 2 hrs.

We changed our minds of what color we want for our uplighting?

No worries, we can change colors anytime you want.

What kind of lighting do you use for uplighting?

I proudly  offer L.E.D. technology all around. It produces almost no heat, and very energy efficient.

Can we go and look how you guys perform at any of your events?

I respect all of my clients events, I would have to ask if I can invite you to their event.

I want to light up the outside of our hall, can you do that?

Yes, we can do that.

We are expecting 500 guest; does your equipment cover all of that?

Yes, we carry professional equipment capable of covering that and more.

We would love to have uplighting at our party but not sure if our venue will look good?

No worries, one of our lighting designers will meet with you at your hall to take a look at your venue and will let you know on the spot if it is worth using or not.

Do you take requests?

Yes and no, it all depends if we get the green light to do so before signing a contract. Sometimes we are asked not to take any kind of requests.

Do you still have questions?

Please call us, we will be happy to answer any question that we may have left out.